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Divorce & Family Law

Divorce & Family Law

Interior Law LLP offers Penticton divorce and family lawyers who take pride in providing specialized advice in all areas of family law. They offer a supportive approach, keeping you at the centre of the process and ensuring the interests of you and your family are at the forefront of their minds. Whether your divorce is amicable or loaded with potential pitfalls, our lawyers have the skills necessary to guide you through it and help you navigate through the stress associated with a family breakup.

Some issues you need to consider when seeking a family lawyer in Penticton include:

Property Division

When spouses separate, the process of dividing their assets is often complex and frustrating. Regardless of your financial situation, our lawyers have the experience and understanding to advise you on what you’re entitled to.

Parenting Arrangements

The new Family Law Act in B.C. changes the focus from settling who has custody of the children to addressing issues of guardianship and parenting time.  When a family breaks up, these important issues are often the most contentious.  Whether it’s through negotiation or involving the courts, we can help you to find a solution that’s in the best interests of your children.

Child Support

No matter who a child lives with, both parents are responsible for the financial support of their children.  Trying to figure out who pays for what and where can cause added stress emotionally and financially.  We can help make sure your children get the financial support they are entitled to.

Spousal Support

Spousal Support is intended to assist spouses in maintaining their lifestyles and address any hardships that may have been endured during the relationship. At Interior Law, we can assess your entitlement to Spousal Support and work hard to ensure you get what you deserve.

Parenting Agreements

Parenting Agreements are used by parents who, to limit disputes and their impact on children, wish to make decisions regarding how their children will be cared for.

Marriage Agreements

One way to avoid or at least manage conflict over property, assets and debt, is by entering into a marriage agreement before or during a relationship.  We can help you prepare a marriage agreement that can minimize the difficulties and stress you’ll face in the event of separation.

Independent Legal Advice

If your spouse or partner has had a marriage or separation agreement prepared by another lawyer it’s important that you seek independent advice before signing it. Interior Law can help you fully understand your rights and what it is that you’re agreeing to.

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